Welcome to my New Blot

Welcome To My New Blog!

… and my blog is now live! Welcome to my first new blog post and the launch of my new lifestyle and travel blog!

Why did you start a blog?

Starting a brand new blog is something I have long contemplated, but there seems no better time to take the plunge than now. I’m usually knee deep in work as a university student! With all this newfound free time in lock down due to the corona virus, I am deciding to focus my efforts on creating a space that I hope people will find both enjoyable and useful.

What will you write about?

To be honest, I have had trouble narrowing it down to one niche. There are just too many topics that I am interested in! The main areas of interest that I absolutely love and have chosen for my blog are beauty, lifestyle, and travel. I figured that these topics would give me plenty to write about!  

Here you can follow anything, from my beauty and skincare advice, to my recent travel adventures around the globe.

From personal experience I have discovered a significant gap in free online language resources. Being a language learner myself, I found this to be quite disheartening. As a result, I have added a section dedicated to languages where you will find resources for learning German and Ukrainian, as well as generic advice for any language learner.

How often will you post?

I am aiming to post at least two blog posts per week, most likely on a Tuesday and Friday. For more information on me, please visit my ‘About’ page.

Don’t be a stranger! Make sure to follow my Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts to keep yourselves updated on my posts.

Let’s start Blog of Sunshine – I’m looking forward to inspiring you!

welcome to my new blog post

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