• Hazelnut Espresso Martini Recipe
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    Bottoms Up: My Hazelnut Espresso Martini Recipe

    Its like an espresso martini, but better. Espresso Martinis are one of my favourite cocktails, so when I brought some Hazelnut flavoured vodka back from my trip to Poland, I just had to combine the two! If you’re looking for new cocktail ideas to try in lock down, I definitely recommend my hazelnut espresso martini! Ingredients (makes 2 cocktails) 100 ml hazelnut flavoured vodka. 50 ml freshly brewed (and hot) espresso. 50 ml coffee liqueur (I recommend using Kahlúa). 1 tbsp of sugar syrup. Ice to shake. Method Start by chilling two martini glasses in the fridge. Fill your cocktail shaker 3/4 of the way full with ice. Tip: the…

  • 5 Steps to Cure the Sunday Night Blues
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    5 Steps to Cure the Sunday Night Blues

    Many people find it challenging to have a good nights sleep on a Sunday. Follow these five simple steps to curing the Sunday night blues for a great start to the week ahead. 1. Get organised for Monday Preparing for the week ahead can help you stop feeling overwhelmed. The best way to avoid stress on a Sunday night is to effectively prepare for the next week. You can save yourself a lot of stress by taking a few moments out on Friday evening or Saturday morning to identify any problems or main issues that could arise. If you’re prepared, you’ll feel better going into the next day, but you…

  • Welcome to my New Blot

    Welcome To My New Blog!

    … and my blog is now live! Welcome to my first new blog post and the launch of my new lifestyle and travel blog! Why did you start a blog? Starting a brand new blog is something I have long contemplated, but there seems no better time to take the plunge than now. I’m usually knee deep in work as a university student! With all this newfound free time in lock down due to the corona virus, I am deciding to focus my efforts on creating a space that I hope people will find both enjoyable and useful. What will you write about? To be honest, I have had trouble…