5 Steps to Cure the Sunday Night Blues

5 Steps to Cure the Sunday Night Blues

Many people find it challenging to have a good nights sleep on a Sunday. Follow these 5 steps to cure the Sunday night blues for a great start to the week ahead.

1. Get organised for Monday

Preparing for the week ahead can help you stop feeling overwhelmed. The best way to avoid stress on a Sunday night is to effectively prepare for the next week. You can save yourself a lot of stress by taking a few moments out on Friday evening or Saturday morning to identify any problems or main issues that could arise.

If you’re prepared, you’ll feel better going into the next day, but you will also free up your Sunday evening for more fun or relaxing activities that can aid sleep and beat the Sunday night blues.

2. Go outdoors

Some of the best remedies to help troubled sleep are getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Be careful not to exercise too close to bed time, as the adrenaline can cause you to stay awake. Taking an evening walk just before dusk can also help to align your natural body clock and help you feel more relaxed.

3. Try to avoid tech before bed

It is no secret that heavy social media use has been linked to poor sleep. Try and aim for at least half an hour without looking at a screen before bed. Instead, try immersing yourself in a book, podcast, or taking a hot bath to unwind.

4. Make time for relaxing

Weekends are often so hectic with errands and obligations that we often feel like we need an extra day to relax. Plan something fun or relaxing, especially for Sunday night. The last thing you need is to tire yourself to the point of exhaustion that will carry over to the next week! Take full advantage of the weekend and distance yourself from work and its issues.

5. Follow a routine

Finally, one of the most important things to remember is to try and follow a routine. Scientists believe a regular bedtime and wake up are essential to creating the perfect sleep routine. Try to avoid late nights and oversleeping where you can, as these can disrupt your natural sleep cycle.

I hope that these 5 steps to cure the Sunday Night Blues help you enjoy a more refreshing sleep. Let me know how you get on in the comments!

5 Steps to Cure the Sunday Night Blues


  • Philippa Claire

    How fortunate for me to stumble upon this one on a Sunday, it’s like it was written in the stars.
    These are some really useful tips, especially as it can be hard to sleep and relax on a Sunday knowing work is coming the next day. I always try to do something nice for myself before bed on Sundays like a face mask to make it feel a bit more special!

    • Blog of Sunshine

      I’m glad I timed this blog post right! I always think face masks help as well, it’s nice to have a bit of a pamper ahead of a busy week!

  • Nancy

    I feel you about the Sunday night blues!! Definitely take care of yourself during the day time. Get that energy out! Totally agree with avoiding tech. That keeps your brain stimulated!! Self-care would be nice to include as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • Blog of Sunshine

      Thanks for the nice comment! Yes, self care is so important and often overlooked. I loved you blog post on leaving college, by the way 🙂
      L x

  • Travelogged blogs

    Hey there! Congratulations on starting your blog. Theses are some great tips here. People are often demotivated to start their weekly routine on Monday especially after having a relaxed weekend. Going on an early morning walk can help a lot. Thanks for sharing!

    • Blog of Sunshine

      Hey, thank you! Great tip – I’ll keep early morning walks in mind next time I start my week, thanks for sharing!

  • Rohan

    Love these steps. I without a doubt always use tech before bed and it’s one thing I need to stop doing. Thanks for sharing

    • Blog of Sunshine

      I know – distancing myself from my phone before bed is one of the hardest things to do, I’m so accustomed to scrolling through Instagram on a night!

  • Stephanie

    Heck, these are tips I try to follow every night, and not just on Sunday! It’s so important to stick with routine and keep those evenings as relaxing and peaceful as possible. It makes for an even better following morning. Love this!

  • Darin Villanueva

    All great reminders! All easier said than done as well. I make it a goal to get off tech by 9pm. I’m not always successful… but it’s important to set those boundaries.

  • Sarah

    These are all great tips! I work shifts now so my “Sunday night” isn’t always on Sunday. So sometimes I work the weekend and have days off during the week but I always have the Sunday blues, after having so much fun on my days off I don’t want to go back to work haha